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Dr Abhijeet Kr Jha: A trichologist in Patna

One of the youngest trichologists of Patna, Dr Abhijeet Kumar Jha comes across hundreds of patients daily coming for hair transplant surgery and problems related to scalp.
Firstly, people often get confused between a trichologist and a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a doctor you should consult if you have skin related medical issues. Whereas, a trichology is that branch of dermatology that deals with the study of the health of hair and scalp. An expert who deals which hair and scalp problems are known as a trichologist.
Hair and scalp related problems are increasing day by day, thanks to the degrading air quality and contaminated food. Due to the impurities in the atmosphere, hair fall has become a common issue .
Similary, hair transplant is no more a new trend but not many are aware of its prerequisites. If you are planning to go for a hair transplant surgery, consult one of the best trichologists in Patna.

Being one of the best Trichologist In Patna, Dr Jha has given a basic format of a common diagnostic test to perform and evaluate the condition of scalp and apply the correct treatment.

Diet : -An unbalanced diet can affect your hair growth and condition. A lack of vitamins, iron, zinc and folic acid will stunt hair growth. Your hair is the last point to get nutrients, as your internal organs will receive the nutrients therefore you must have good amount in your system so that your hair will get some too.
Stress is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. Letting your trichologist know of any major life events or changes will help evaluate why you are experiencing hair loss.

Medical History : -It is essential to provide a health report to your trichologist. A detailed analysis of your family history and genetics is done to understand the condition of your scalp. The more informative you are about your medical past, the easier it will be for your trichologist to understand and treat the cause of your hair loss and discomfort.

Lifestyle : -Sleeping habits, eating habits and stress level contribute to your lifestyle. Any health check lets your trichologist know all the details means they can provide you with the correct treatment.

Haircare Routine : -Your hair care routine reflects the quality of your hair and the kind of treatment you need.


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