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Advance PRP

You may be interested in knowing that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy was first developed for orthopedic surgery.
Platelets are an important component of your blood. Their job is the promotion of clotting and healing. In Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, the patient’s own blood plasma is extracted, prepared, and then replaced into the patient’s skin. In orthopedics, where it is injected into the body, the Platelet Rich Plasma helps patients to heal from surgery or trauma.

Cosmetic practitioners have dubbed the aesthetic facial treatment the Vampire Facelift and it’s recently become a global hit. In this treatment, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s face to address wrinkles or folds, and improve the overall skin condition. The Platelet Rich Plasma encourages the skin to produce collagen and added growth factors. These, in turn, lead to a more supported skin structure. This makes skin appear fuller, tighter and more youthful. From our own respective experience the results can vary from the subtle extra youth boost to the extremely more younger looking skin.

Hair loss is a common issue these days. Irrespective of age, gender or the family history hair loss may occur to anyone. To all these hairs related issues there are advance procedures like hair transplantation surgeries that can help patient gain the loss hairs back. Sometimes due to unknown reasons patients are afraid of surgeries and its procedures and thus they avoid going for hair transplantation, to these Dr Abhijeet Kumar Jha Skin Clinic offers advance non surgical procedure of gaining right hair growth and that is PRP hair treatment.


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